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  • Tethered version comes supplied with a cable Tethered version comes supplied with a cable

eoBasic 3 Phase Charging Station for Type 2 Cars


Description rapide

  • With no software, just plug in and instantly get a charge. No nonsense. Just a simple plug and play charging solution.

  • Power Ratings: 11kW / 22kW

  • Standard Colours: White

  • Unique installation mechanism for quick deployment and future upgrades

  • Key Lock Option available (Extra £50+VAT)

  • 3 year product warranty  

  • Eligible for UK OLEV Home Charge Grant (£500)
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    UK Designed and manufactured, EO is perfect for small businesses and property developments (commercial & residential).


    • Plug & Play (No Software)
    • Affordable, Reliable, Simple Solution
    • Charges Every EV On The Market*
    • CE Certified

    Data Sheets 


    eoMini Data Sheet - UK & Ireland

    eoMini Data Sheet - International


    eoBasic Data Sheet - UK & Ireland

    eoBasic Data Sheet - International

    Installation Guides 

    Electrical Guidelines For All Installations

    eoMini Installation Instructions

    Instructions to change the Maximum Current Value on an eoMini

    Professional Installation

    We have a UK wide network of certified installation partners. If you click Yes, we will arrange for one of our installers to contact you within 2-3 working days. Please note; installation is quoted and paid for separately


    Aston Martin Rapid E

    Audi E-Tron 55 Quattro

    Audi E-Tron Sportback

    Audi e-tron GT

    BMW Mini E

    BMW i3

    BMW i3S

    BMW i4

    BMW i5

    BMW iX3


    Ford Mustang Mach E

    Hyundai KONA

    Jaguar XJ Electric

    Jaguar iPace

    Mercedes EQ C SUV Charging Cable

    Mercedes EQA

    Mercedes EQV Electric Van

    Mercedes-Benz EQ

    Mini E

    Mission E Cross Turismo

    Peugeot e-Traveler

    Polestar 2

    Porsche Mission E

    Renault Zoe 2013

    Renault Zoe Nav Q90

    Renault Zoe R110

    Renault Zoe R135

    Skoda Vision E

    Smart ED 3 Phase 2013


    Tesla Cybertruck

    Tesla Model 3

    Tesla Model S

    Tesla Model X

    Tesla Model Y

    Tesla Roadster

    Vauxhall Mokka e

    Volkswagen ID Buzz

    Volkswagen ID Crozz

    Volkswagen ID.3

    Volvo Polestar 2

    Volvo XC40 Electric

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    Fedex Road Freight

    Destination Description Zone Transit Time
    AD ANDORRA S 4 to 6
    AT AUSTRIA S 4 to 5
    BE BELGIUM R 4 to 6
    BG BULGARIA X 4 to 6
    HR CROATIA X 4 to 6
    DK DENMARK S 3 to 4
    EE ESTONIA T 4 to 6
    FI FINLAND S 4 to 6
    FR FRANCE Y 3 to 5
    DE GERMANY R 3 to 4
    GI GIBRALTAR X 4 to 6
    GR GREECE X 4 to 6
    HU HUNGARY T 5 to 6
    IE IRELAND W 4 to 6
    IT ITALY S 4 to 6
    LV LATVIA T 4 to 6
    LT LITHUANIA T 4 to 6
    LU LUXEMBOURG R 4 to 6
    MC MONACO R 4 to 6
    NO NORWAY U 4 to 6
    PL POLAND T 4 to 6
    PT PORTUGAL X 4 to 6
    RO ROMANIA X 4 to 6
    SM SAN MARINO S 4 to 6
    SK SLOVAK, REP X 5 to 6
    SI SLOVENIA T 4 to 6
    ES SPAIN S 2 to 3
    SE SWEDEN S 4 to 6

    Fedex Express Delivery Times

    Destination Description Zone Transit Time
    AF Afghanistan E 3
    AL Albania X 1
    DZ Algeria I 3
    AS American Samoa E 3
    AD Andorra S 1
    AO Angola E 3
    AI Anguilla D 2 to 3
    AG Antigua and Barbuda D 2 to 3
    AR Argentina D 2 to 3
    AM Armenia E 3
    AW Aruba D 2 to 3
    AU Australia G 3
    AT Austria S 1
    AZ Azerbaijan E 3
    BS Bahamas D 2 to 3
    BH Bahrain I 3
    BD Bangladesh I 3
    BB Barbados D 2 to 3
    BY Belarus X 1
    BE Belgium R 1
    BZ Belize D 2 to 3
    BJ Benin E 3
    BM Bermuda D 2 to 3
    BO Bolivia D 2 to 3
    BA Bosnia  X 1
    BW Botswana E 3
    BR Brazil J 2 to 3
    BN Brunei, Darussalam I 3
    BG Bulgaria X 1
    BF Burkina Faso E 3
    BI Burundi E 3
    KH Cambodia B 3 to 4
    CM Cameroon E 3
    CA Canada A 1 to 3
    CV Cape Verde E 3
    KY Cayman Islands D 2 to 3
    TD Chad E 3
    CL Chile D 2 to 3
    CN China F 3
    CO Colombia D 2 to 3
    CG Congo E 4
    CD Congo, Rep. of E 4
    CK Cook Islands E 3 to 4
    CR Costa Rica D 2 to 3
    HR Croatia X 1
    CY Cyprus X 1
    CZ Czech Republic T 1
    DK Denmark S 1
    DJ Djibouti E 3
    DM Dominica D 2 to 3
    DO Dominican Republic D 2 to 3
    TL East Timor B 3 to 4
    EC Ecuador D 2 to 3
    EG Egypt I 3
    SV El Salvador D 2 to 3
    ER Eritrea E 3
    EE Estonia T 1
    ET Ethiopia E 3 to 4
    FO Faroe Islands S 2 to 3
    FJ Fiji E 3
    FI Finland S 1
    FR France Y 1
    PF French Polynesia E 3
    GA Gabon E 3
    GM Gambia E 3
    GE Georgia E 3
    DE Germany R 1
    GH Ghana E 3 to 4
    GI Gibraltar X 1
    GR Greece X 1
    GL Greenland S 2 to 3
    GD Grenada D 2 to 3
    GP Guadeloupe D 2 to 3
    GU Guam E 3
    GT Guatemala D 2 to 3
    GN Guinea E 3
    GY GUYANA D 2 to 3
    HT Haiti D 2 to 3
    HN Honduras D 2 to 3
    HK Hong Kong B 3 to 4
    HU Hungary T 1
    IS Iceland X 1
    IN India C 3 to 4
    ID Indonesia B 3 to 4
    IQ Iraq E 3
    IE Ireland W 1 to 2
    IT Italy S 1
    CI Ivory Coast E 3
    JM Jamaica D 2 to 3
    JP Japan B 3
    JO Jordan I 3
    KZ Kazakstan E 3
    KE Kenya E 3
    KR Korea, South B 3
    KW Kuwait I 3
    KG Kyrgyzstan E 3
    LA Laos People's Democratic Rep B 3
    LV Latvia T 1
    LB Lebanon I 3
    LS Lesotho E 3
    LR Liberia E 3
    LI Liechtenstein U 1
    LT Lithuania T 1
    LU Luxembourg R 1
    MO Macau B 3
    MK Macedonia, Rep of  X 1
    MG Madagascar E 3
    MW Malawi E 3
    MY Malaysia B 3
    ML Mali E 3
    MT Malta X 1
    MH Marshall Islands E 3
    MQ Martinique D 2 to 3
    MR Mauritania E 3
    MU Mauritius E 3
    MX Mexico B 2
    FM Micronesia E 3
    MD Moldova X 1
    MC Monaco R 1
    MN Mongolia E 3
    ME Montenegro X 1
    MS Montserrat D 2 to 3
    MA Morocco I 3
    MZ Mozambique E 3
    NA Namibia E 3
    NP NEPAL I 3 to 4 
    NL Netherlands R 1
    AN Netherlands Antilles D 2 to 3
    NC New Caledonia E 3
    NZ New Zealand G 3
    NI Nicaragua D 2 to 3
    NE Niger E 3
    NG Nigeria E 3
    NO Norway U 2
    OM Oman I 3
    PK Pakistan I 3 to 4
    PW Palau E 3
    PS Palestine I 3
    PA Panama D 2 to 3
    PG Papua New Guinea E 3
    PY Paraguay D 2 to 3
    PE Peru D 2 to 3
    PH Philippines B 3
    PL Poland T 1
    PT Portugal X 1
    PR PUERTO RICO D 2 to 3
    QA Qatar I 3
    RE Reunion E 3
    RO Romania X 1
    RU Russia X 1
    RW Rwanda E 3
    KN Saint Kitts and Nevis D 2 to 3
    LC Saint Lucia D 2 to 3
    MP Saipan E 3
    WS SAMOA E 3
    SA Saudi Arabia I 3
    SN Senegal E 3
    RS Serbia X 1
    SC Seychelles E 3
    SG Singapore B 3 to 4
    SK Slovak, Rep X 1
    SI Slovenia T 1
    ZA South Africa D 3 to 4
    ES Spain S 1
    LK Sri Lanka I 3
    VC St Vincent and the Grenadines D 2 to 3
    SR SURINAME D 3 to 4
    SZ Swaziland E 3
    SE Sweden S 2
    CH Switzerland U 1
    TW Taiwan B 3 to 4
    TZ Tanzania E 3
    TH Thailand B 3 to 4
    TG Togo E 3
    TO Tonga E 3
    TT Trinidad and Tobago D 2 to 3
    TN Tunisia I 3
    TR Turkey X 1
    TC Turks and Caicos Islands D 2 to 3
    AE U.A.E. C 3
    UG Uganda E 3 to 4
    UA Ukraine X 1
    US United States H 1
    UY Uruguay D 2 to 3
    UZ Uzbekistan E 3
    VU Vanuatu E 3
    VA Vatican City State S 1 to 2
    VE Venezuela D 2 to 3
    VN VietNam B 3 to 4
    VG Virgin Islands (British) D 2 to 3
    VI Virgin Islands (U.S.) D 2 to 3
    WF Wallis and Futuna Islands E 3
    YE Yemen, Rep. of I 3
    ZM Zambia E 3
    ZW Zimbabwe E 3