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Portable Chargers. Charge your EV from any household electrical socket

The UK fixed connector version has a max of 10amp which is designed for UK houses. We recommend 6A overnight charging to reduce the load on the house circuit which be safe under all circumstances. 10A is the maximum for new houses.

The ZenX charger with universal connector allows you to charge at 6-16 amps which can be used throughout Europe. This is the fastest portable charger available for domestic situations and can charge at 16A providing that your house wiring, plug installation and car can accept the charge. In UK, the 3 pin home plug can accept a maximum of 10A while the commando and Europe's Schuko can go up to 16A. As a safety feature, the ZenX will default to 6A when unplugged but will remember the current setting if the power is maintained.

The ZenX universal connector also allows you to change the plug and extend the reach to 10m.

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