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The 2019 Nissan Leaf e+ UK version

The dramatic new Nissan leaf is a totally redesigned car from the 7 year old model it replaces. Most notible differences are:

  • Type 2 charge port. All previous leafs used a Type 1 charge port but the UK/European versions now has a Type 2 port. The US version retains the Type 1 charge port.
  • The 62kW model has a 6kW charger so we strongly recommend the 32amp cable.
  • Max output of 150PS and 320Nm of torque means it is a few seconds faster to 62mph than the older model.
  • Finally with 225 miles on a single charge, the e+ Leaf has caught up to the mainstream.>

The following cables and accessories will work with the Nissan Leaf e+ 2019. Make sure your charge port looks like this:

Nissan Leaf 2.0 e+ from 2019

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